Aspirin: benefit or harm

For a long time, aspirin was considered absolutely safe and even recommended as a preventive measure.

The benefits of taking daily aspirin outweigh the disadvantages in the risk of gastric bleeding, reports citing .

To such conclusion scientists from the University of Cardiff.

As written by experts in the Public Library of Science, a thorough study of literature regarding the effects of aspirin on the body shows that although the daily intake of the drug and increases by about 50% the risk of gastric bleeding, there is no conclusive evidence that they are deadly. But taking aspirin every day people reduce the risk of ailments such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The authors of the study proved that aspirin does not increase the risk of death from gastric bleeding, and it is this threat and stopped many doctors from the discharge of the drug to patients. The researchers emphasize that daily aspirin is particularly useful for the elderly, reducing their level of disability from heart disease and cancer.

It is these categories of diseases are leading causes of death and disability of the population of our planet. Research has shown that a small daily dose of aspirin reduces the likelihood of developing both diseases by approximately 20% – 30%. Recent studies have also demonstrated that small doses of aspirin get cancer patients along with chemotherapy and/or irradiation, increases the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the risk of mortality among the victims of the tumors of the intestine, and possibly other types of cancer by 15%.Now carried out a meta-analysis of most available in the science of randomized trials is the most compelling evidence that the benefits of taking aspirin outweigh the risks.