Doctors conducted a unique transplant surgery of the hand

In Poland, the surgeons performed a unique operation, during which the transplanted hand of a patient born without one leg.

Doctors say that this is the first case in medical practice, writes with reference to .

The head of the group of surgeons at the University of Wroclaw proudly stated that during the progress of the operation was implanted graft upper extremity, the patient, who had a congenital defect, previously, such actions were carried out only with those who in life have lost a limb or part of it.

Experts note that this event is a breakthrough in medicine in General and in neuroscience and the practice of transplantation in particular, as was previously confident that such devices will be useless in congenital defect.Patient perevospitat was the 32-year-old man who was born without one hand, he was transplanted the limb of a dead donor. However, surgeons have expressed the hope that this is not the last such operations.


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