Volkswagen has lied in court, but pleaded guilty to three criminal cases

Volkswagen лгал в суде, но признал вину по трем уголовным делам
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The company’s expenses in connection with the “desligada” already exceed $ 19 billion

Volkswagen лгал в суде, но признал вину по трем уголовным делам

Volkswagen tried in the United States. Photo: Pixabay

Car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) pleaded guilty to three criminal charges in the US and pay the US government fines amounting to $ 4.3 billion for the settlement of “equity scandal”, BBC reports.

U.S. attorney General Loretta Lynch stated that VW denied the charges, and then lied, trying to hide their actions.

The company pleaded guilty to “conspiracy to defraud” the U.S. government and American customers, and in violation of the Act on clean air when used, tanigawa data on the harmful emissions.

VW also agreed with the prosecution on obstruction of justice for destroying documents proving fraud with the tests on harmful emissions.

In addition, six company managers were indicted for their involvement in the manipulation of data on the exhaust fumes produced by diesel cars.

Mathias müller, head of Volkswagen Group, said that the German company deeply regrets his actions. “We are no longer the company it was 16 years ago”, – said the head of the company Supervisory Board Hans Dieter PECs VW.

Fines amounting to $ 4.3 billion means that in total the company’s expenses in connection with the scandal will exceed 19.2 billion dollars. Prior to that, Volkswagen has agreed to payout $ 15 billion for a settlement with the environmental authorities and owners of cars in the United States.

The scandal erupted in September 2015, when us officials accused Volkswagen in the manipulation of data about exhaust gases produced by diesel cars.

As it turned out, the onboard computer was programmed to determine whether the car in normal mode, or being tested. In the second case, the machine has switched to more “clean” mode, in order to meet environmental requirements.

Last year, the U.S. government ordered Volkswagen to recall almost half a million vehicles produced for the American market from 2009 to 2015. In addition, a similar investigation is conducted in several other countries.

According to the company, the fake test results touched 11 million cars with diesel engines around the world.


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