Published rating of the most popular brands of phones from the Ukrainians

iPhone called the most popular.

On the marketplace OLX Apple smartphones remain the most popular, with both new and used.

Analysts popular free classifieds site OLX has studied the demand for mobile phones in 2016 and has made a rating of the most popular brands among new and used devices, writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The leader in sales of new phones, the Apple brand remains. On the second place by number of deals China cheap brands, so-called Noname. In third place is Samsung, which account for 12% of transactions per year. The top five also included Chinese technogiant Lenovo and Nokia. The top ten also got one of the fastest growing beginners of the mobile phone market Meizu, who lost Nokia quite a bit.

As for the secondary market, then there is “gold” also from Apple (29% of all transactions used phones in a year). In second place by a wide margin from the leader of the South Korean giant Samsung (16.7 per cent). Bronze — Nokia (12.4 per cent). The top five also got Lenovo.Interestingly, the top 20 managed to get the Siemens brand, though the latter phone under this brand was released in November 2005.


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