Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church Onufry congratulated Ukrainians on Trinity.

The priest has recorded a video message.

The Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry congratulated Ukrainians on the occasion of the Holy Trinity, reports the BestofteXts .

Video treatment of the priest Sunday, June 7, was published by the channel “inter” on YouTube.

“Dear brothers and sisters! I cordially congratulate you on the great feast in honor of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is not three God is one God, whose three persons — the person of the Father, Son’s face, and person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity created the visible and invisible worlds. The father willed, the son has created, and the Holy Spirit “quickened”. To understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity, we must remember the fact that every creature that God created, is a print tropicheskogo deity. The bright signet of deity tropicheskogo lying in the sun. Sunshine proobrazom a God-Father. The rays of light that come out constantly from this circle of light and descend to Earth, is the image of God the Son. And the heat that carried by such rays is the image of the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and through the Son down to the living creation, all animate.

Everyone has tropicheskogo of the Godhead, each person has a mind, the mind has the ability to constantly rise to the idea, but the idea carries with it a force that helps us to do good works in his life. People should take care of the image of the Holy Trinity, that he was not corrupt and not damage it then only, when a man shall live by the Sacred divine laws, then the man himself becomes Holy, becomes Holy like our Creator and the Creator. Let each of us builds his personal life so that always and everywhere hope was a sky god, the Father, the refuge is the Son and the intercession of the Holy Spirit. Congratulations to all of you!” — said, Andrew.