In Berlin rally against racism ended in clashes with police.

Police threw stones.

Yesterday, after a protest in Berlin against police violence and racism Black Lives Matter, police arrested 93 people. Arrest groups of violators 28 law enforcement officers were injured, reports the BestofteXts .

It is reported that the event, which was held at Alexanderplatz on Saturday, June 6, took place without any incidents. Many of the 15 thousand people who attended the rally, observed anti corrosiveness measures, including social distancing. At the rally, the rule of law was supported by about 800 police officers.

An hour after the auction, several hundred people gathered near the railway station Berlin-Alexanderplatz. Police arrested one of them, which damaged the car emergency services. Because of this, between a group of people and police began to clash, during which police detained 93 people. They pelted police with stones and bottles. 28 security forces were injured.

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