In the Czech Republic abnormal rains flooded dozens of homes and demolished the bridge.

Killed 48-year-old woman.

In the Czech Republic due to heavy rains flooded a few small towns, also one person died.

Areas covered heavy rains, that came from the banks of the river in Mnichovska and Shampanskom districts of the Olomouc region in the North-East of the country. This led to the flooding of private houses. Also due to the bad weather blew one bridge.

Heavy rains and flooding caused damage to the local energy and transport system. To help the victims on the streets, worked as lifeguards. They pulled several people from cars that were underwater.

Rescuers also found the body of a 48-year-old woman. Another 74-year-old woman looking for police and fire, this helicopter helps police officers.

A difficult situation occurred because the water in the streets, which in some places reached one meter. From several villages had to be evacuated of residents.