In the Internet appeared the frames of fatal accidents involving Ephraim.

Head-on collision occurred with a van in the oncoming lane.

Published video of the moment of road accident with participation of the actor Mikhail Yefremov in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Video surveillance has published Telegram-channel Baza, reports the BestofteXts with reference to the Correspondent.

The record shows, as the car is cornering continues to move right, cross a double white line and crashes into the opposite, were crashing into another car.

Efremov, driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, turned through a continuous and having left on a strip of oncoming traffic collided with a small van Lada.

The driver of the van with serious injuries was taken to hospital where he later died.

Business retrained on heavier part of article 264 of the criminal code, which envisages up to 12 years of imprisonment.

The wife of the deceased driver is in a seriously emotional state.

I also posted a video by Ephraim at the accident scene and eyewitness accounts.

Attention, the video contains profanity!

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